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i’ve noticed that i’m actually kind of bad at keeping up with writing here, but it’s not because i don’t want to. i have this weird thing that i battle in my mind all the time that makes me believe that if i write too much, especially about my cancer journey, then i’ll somehow jinx myself & bad things will happen—totally not true, i know, but it’s something i often think about.

anyway, a lot has happened since i last updated you all on what’s going on with me. i don’t really know where to start, but i’ll list somethings:

  1. my PET/CT scans came back all clear! this means that my cancer has not spread beyond the breast & that was the best news that i could have ever asked for!
  2. i shaved my head & that was really hard, scary, & sad…but i’m getting used to it.
  3. i bought a really awesome wig that looks very similar to my natural hair!
  4. i am half-way done with the ‘tough’ chemo! this means that i have 2 out 4 of the hard stuff done, then i’ll begin the 12 final (God willing) treatments of another type of chemo medicine.

for now, that’s really all i can think of. i’m trying my best to just live my life as me, and not as just a cancer patient. there is a whole lot more to me & my life than having cancer, even though it takes up the majority of my life…right now, anyway.

i really do have the best support system—friends + family, God, & the best dog ever! i really couldn’t do this without the love that i receive on a daily basis. i’m also learning so much about myself that i never would have taken the time to learn because i was always living so fast-paced. i was always thinking ahead & planning, worrying, wondering… it’s no wonder God said please slow down. i have learned that i need to live in the present moment, give thanks at all times, for every moment, because each day truly IS a blessing. i could go on & on, reciting generic quotes that you’d find on Pinterest about how “no one promises you tomorrow”, but we should all know that by now. it’s just a matter of living out that truth & making a conscious effort to be present.

thank you all for your love, prayers, cards, emails, letters, & kindness. it truly makes my day!

love, taylor

Published by taylor + tell

Hello, I'm Taylor! I am 27 years old & I live in Pittsburgh, PA with my loving fiancé & dog, Milo. I am a daughter of the King; a sister, friend & human being just navigating through life. Welcome to my blog where everyone can gather to read my thoughts, stories + more!

5 thoughts on “all the things

  1. Tay this is wonderful news. I am so very proud of the brave warrior you have become🙏 I pray for you everyday I know you got this. Praise God in everything. Remember we are here for you and when things have settled down let’s get together ❤️😘🙏love auntie


  2. Taylor , you are in my prayers.
    I know that you will make it. It seems like a long road at the
    Beginning but when you are done you will be so happy!


  3. Taylor,

    I started chemo May 24, 2017 – exactly one year before you. 4 rounds AC, 12 rounds taxol. I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this and will certainly keep you in my prayers. Some of my favorite verses that comforted me last year: romans 8:28; Phillipians 4:6-7; John 16:33 I feel wonderful now and you will again soon! Hugs ❤️


    1. Thank you, Kristin! I’m so happy to know that you are doing and feeling well. I hope that continues for many, many, many years for you!


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