Another October

Here we are… Today is October 2, 2019 and it feels surreal that it was (just about) a year ago that I was writing my previous Breast Cancer Awareness Month post. This time last year, I hadn’t even finished my chemo treatments yet and that, to me, is pretty crazy to think about; it’s a total whirlwind ofContinue reading “Another October”

MORE THAN PINK | Breast Cancer Awareness Month

So, yesterday was October 1st.  The beginning of one of my favorite months of the year.  Between the weather changing, the coziness of the fall season, Halloween movies, and just general spookiness, I have always loved October!  However, the month of October is also special because it is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). Continue reading “MORE THAN PINK | Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

here’s the truth

Most of the time, I find that I can convince myself that I am strong, courageous, grounded, confident, and well.  And most days, that’s the truth—at least mostly the truth.  As with anything online, a lot of content written and posted by others is somewhat of a “highlight reel” and I’ve been guilty from timeContinue reading “here’s the truth”